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Our Mission Statement

At Pastures Green, we pride ourselves on creating a platform for growth. As an agricultural communications company, we understand the complexities of turning an unused plot of land into a thriving wedding venue or excess farm produce into a renowned food brand. We feel a responsibility to support agri-businesses, having personally worked in them ourselves. Pastures Green creates bespoke strategies to manage publicity, leaning upon traditional, digital and social media tactics. Through services focusing on media visibility and ambassador collaborations, we will design campaigns with your rural business in mind. You can rest assured that your business's identity and reputation is in the hands of agricultural industry experts.
Amy Eggleston
Director of Pastures Green

Our Services

Discover the digital, branding and diversification strategies that will unleash your agricultural business’ true potential. Browse our services below then contact Pastures Green to find out more.

Case Studies

We have had the privilege of working with dedicated agricultural professionals to diversify their offerings and market their services. Find out more in our case studies below.  


Dalton Tags

Dalton Tags is a premium supplier of livestock ID tags, located in Nottinghamshire. Selling livestock tags, as well as applicators and non-invasive leg pasterns, Dalton Tags caters to all farming needs for managing livestock. Dalton Tags is at the forefront of their respective industry, and have earned a reputation for their high-quality products.

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Anna Truesdale

Anna Truesdale is a popular agri-influencer with over 40,000 followers on Instagram. She showcases “real-life agriculture” through her stylistic photos, which include sheep, cows, and her team of trusty farm dogs. Anna is paving the way for the farming sector on social media and continues to be one of the top influencers in the space.

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Chilton Farmyard B&B

Chilton Farmyard B&B is a picturesque holiday destination perfect for couples and families alike. It is situated in the rolling hills of Kent, in the peaceful Alkham Valley, offering a unique experience for all guests. Unlike many B&Bs, Chilton offers the true farming experience as a family-run, working farm.

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Livestock Auctioneers Association

The Livestock Auctioneers Association (LAA) is a nationally renowned organisation that manages livestock auction markets across England and Wales. The organisation is highly respected for their tradition and history; formed in 1992, the LAA continue to set the standard for livestock management and auctioneering.

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Core Values

Want to know what makes Pastures Green… Pastures Green? Our core values are the pillars that set our unique service apart and ensure the best results for your business.  

At Pastures Green, we feel a deep responsibility for your business. Our core values inform our digital and diversification services, allowing you to trust our research, application and analytical capabilities.
Amy Eggleston, our Director, has dedicated her life to British agriculture. With a background in dairy farming, she ensures that our client services care for you and your business.
We believe that to truly support our clients, education must be a key factor in our services. When you choose Pastures Green, you will receive industry-leading top tips from professionals.
No client service is complete without results, which is why our fourth core value is just that. Here at Pastures Green, we are motivated by the success of our clients!

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