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Brand Building

Building brand awareness can position your business ahead of the competition, but it doesn't happen naturally. There are several steps to honing your brand's identity, from focusing your purpose to establishing a brand mission, but the benefits can be seen long into your business's future. We believe that one of the most valuable business assets to possess is an easily identifiable, well-respected brand. With big companies, like major supermarkets, already garnering legions of consumers, what can rural businesses do to compete with popular own brands? Build their brand, by sharpening their identity.

How Does Branding Help Your Business?

At Pastures Green, we can use our extensive knowledge of the agricultural industry to create a brand strategy completely tailored to you. 

Identify the core purpose of your brand to strengthen its message.
Stand out from the crowd by honing your unique service or product.
Your brand's identity can be tailored to your personal message or purpose.
Reflect upon the success of your strategies to make future adjustments.

Benefits of Building Your Brand

The first step to building your brand is to discover your purpose, what drives you to wake up in the morning and sell your product or service. This can be broken down into two questions; why does your brand exist and why should people care? The answer to these questions is your purpose. From there, our Pastures Green brand building experts will devise a tailored strategy for your business, by researching your competitors and determining your target audience. Our brand-building PR service can redefine your business' identity, perfectly aligning it with your central mission as a brand owner. A strong message can draw in potential clients, who are more likely to place their trust in an established brand. It can also revolutionise how you market your brand. The benefits are endless.

Our Brand Building Services

At Pastures Green, our comprehensive brand building service combines graphic design, content, print and a solid strategy to hone your agricultural business. Discover our branding services below.

Client Testimonials

Pastures Green has helped countless farms and other agricultural sites to diversify their offerings and unleash untapped revenue. Read some of our client testimonials to find out more.
  • Stephen Naylor
    Waverley Consultancy

    "There are few others who live and breath countryside, farming and communications so if you are trying to communicate on rural issues or to a rural community, Amy knows intrinsically what matters - there is no substitute for real life experience. I had complete confidence in the job she was doing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to engage her and Pastures Green."

  • The Mannerings Family
    Chilton Farmyard B&B

    "Amy has been a brilliant help when it has come to diversifying from farm to B&B. There is so much that we wouldn’t have known or could have missed without her which could have been disastrous for our business. She has been flexible and open minded and tailored our package perfectly to suit our business. It’s brilliant to have found a PR business."

  • Jenny Bennett
    Marchwood Farming

    "Amy is a natural communicator with the ability to adapt depending on the audience, which i think is rare to find in someone. She has helped me identify my key audience which before speaking to Amy I hadn't even considered! I have complete confidence in Amy and would recommend her without doubt to others."

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