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Audience Mapping

A successful business must completely understand its audience - agricultural businesses are no different. By knowing what your audience truly wants, you can efficiently communicate with your market, increasing your sales, consumer reach and positive feedback.

At Pastures Green, we have already completed audience mapping analysis for a range of agricultural businesses, successfully strengthening their customer marketing strategies through consumer research.

What Are the Benefits of Audience Mapping?

The main questions to ask when audience mapping is "who?" and "why?". Who are you trying to target? And, why are you trying to influence that specific market?

We will firstly explore your current situation, to address the benefits and limitations of your marketing strategies. From there, our consumer marketing experts will offer improved methods for targeting the audience most likely to increase your ROI.  

Understand the who, what, how and why of your audience.
Comprehensively tailor your marketing campaigns to the most profitable demographic.
Maximise your profits and eliminate unnecessary spending through audience mapping.
Focus your unique selling points through marketing, to hone your brand's message.

Learning About Your Audience

At Pastures Green, your bespoke audience map will include all consumer circles, including direct, indirect, remote and societal, to fully understand your brand's potential. From identifying your audience to shaping your message, our close relationship with agricultural businesses mean that a partnership with Pastures Green is tailored to your specific industry. 

Armed with market-leading research methods, your rural business can greatly benefit from consumer insights.  Audience analysis does not just increase your sales potential, but can also cut costs for your brand, as it ensures that promotional campaigns align with consumer behaviour.

We will answer the important questions; what motivates your audience? How many consumers complete the purchase process? Which marketing strategies will target the right customers?

Frequently Asked Questions: Audience Mapping

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