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Content Marketing

A partnership with Pastures Green includes a partnership with an expert content marketing specialist. Producing consistent content can be challenging enough, let alone content that markets your brand and engages with consumers effectively.

We are on hand to take the strain away, to launch highly tailored campaigns, leaving you to focus on growing your agricultural business. 

What Are the Different Ways to Distribute Content?

Spanning social media platforms, publishing material and media outlets, we believe that a successful content marketing campaign should take advantage of all exposure opportunities available.

Before we do anything, however, our specialists will familiarise themselves with your existing and target audience. Through consumer research, we will discover how to best connect with your audience, then produce highly marketable content. 

Including press, media and published content to increase reach.
Any content that is published on your personal sites, controlled by you.
True to its name, paid content includes paid advertisements and sponsorships.
Content that has been shared by consumers or businesses, to drive views.

What Are Benefits of Content Marketing?

Differing from sales, content marketing builds trust between consumers and your brand. A witty, touching or thought-provoking campaign can improve how audiences perceive your brand and maintain an unconscious relationship. We all remember at least one online advert that stood out to us, and in doing so, we also remember the brand behind it.

There are six main benefits of content marketing; attract attention, generate leads, expand your customer reach, increase sales, improve brand awareness and engage with online users. When combined, they mean industry-leading success for your brand.

From infographics to video advertisements, our marketable content will position your brand in the public eye. Every single piece of content marketing produced by Pastures Green is fuelled by one main drive - value. To add value to your products or services, your brand and your future.

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