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Chilton Farmyard B&B

Chilton Farmyard B&B is a picturesque holiday destination perfect for couples and families alike. It is situated in the rolling hills of Kent, in the peaceful Alkham Valley, offering a unique experience for all guests. Unlike many B&Bs, Chilton offers the true farming experience as a family-run, working farm.
The Brief

Chilton Farmyard B&B approached Pastures Green Communications as a relatively new business. The team moved to Kent in 2017 to launch the business, so required marketing and content support across several platforms. 

At its core, Chilton Farmyard wanted to strengthen its rural brand and diversify from a working farm to a B&B. They required a wide range of services, including photography, web design, social media development and optimised content, to launch their new business. 


The Delivery

Pastures Green Communications delivered a comprehensive brand building service for Chilton Farmyard B&B. We diversified and developed their business using several media and marketing techniques catered to the hospitality industry.  

Situated on a working farm, we utilised our knowledge of dairy farming and content creation to kickstart Chilton’s venture into hospitality. Our team also equipped them with practical knowledge, delivering a comprehensive branding package that prioritised management and education.  


The Results

We were blown away by the response, both from Chilton Farmyard B&B and their customers. The team at Chilton described Pastures Green as supplying “brilliant help when it [came] to diversifying from farm to B&B”, and commended our agricultural background. 

The result of our service is evident from Chilton’s high-quality website and social channels, which showcase their beautiful location through our professional photography. The B&B has since enjoyed increased interest and engagement from audiences, as well as positive testimonials from guests: “our family had a really lovely stay at Chilton Farmyard B&B”. 

Feedback From The Client

“Amy has been a brilliant help when it has come to diversifying from farm to B&B. There is so much that we wouldn’t have known or could have missed without her which could have been disastrous for our business. The hospitality sector is a whole new world from farming, so it’s been a huge help having her by our side and ready to answer any question during this process. She has been flexible and open-minded and tailored our package perfectly to suit our business. It’s brilliant to have found a PR business with an agricultural background and I’m so happy we’ve been able to work together - thank you!”

The Mannerings Family
Chilton Farmyard B&B

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