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Dalton Tags

Dalton Tags is a premium supplier of livestock ID tags, located in Nottinghamshire. Selling livestock tags, as well as applicators and non-invasive leg pasterns, Dalton Tags caters to all farming needs for managing livestock. Dalton Tags is at the forefront of their respective industry, and have earned a reputation for their high-quality products.
The Brief

Dalton Tags required guidance and support for their marketing and social media channels. They were interested in informative workshops and reports to understand their progress, and improve their digital communication.  

Building upon their existing client base, Dalton Tags’ brief requested brand building and content strategies for their brand. They were particularly interested in increasing their online presence, to drive e-commerce interest.   



The Delivery

Pastures Green Communications created a bespoke online workshop that supplied a step-by-step guide to social media and marketing, to deliver upon the brief. Throughout the delivery, our team consistently valued Dalton Tags’ specific industry sector, from brand analysis to content implementation. 

Additionally, Pastures Green generated data-driven reports that helped Dalton Tags to understand how they were performing compared to competitors. These reports were concise, informative and catered to Dalton Tags’ unique goals.  


The Results

A key result of our partnership with Dalton Tags was an increase in online presence and engagement. Our strategies prioritised authentic, genuine engagement with users, resulting in stronger relationships between Dalton Tags and their target audience. 

We also strengthened their digital communication strategy. Our service was built bespoke to Dalton Tags’ needs, considering their goals we successfully improved their marketing standards and social media reach. 

Working with Dalton Tags was a pleasure, and we were thrilled to see the results of our workshop and digital strategies.  


“We would highly recommend Pastures Green to others. Amy is a fountain of all knowledge when it comes to marketing and really helped us understand our social media strategy and supports us with ongoing projects.”

Dalton Tags

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