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The Dairy Daughter

As dairy farmers ourselves, we have experienced first-hand the unprecedented impact of social media success. Having cultivated our own online presence, we want to build the same media engagement for our clients. Interested? Take a look at the digital services we offer at Pastures Green.

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Who is The Dairy Daughter?

Titled @thedairydaughter, Amy's personal Instagram account has become a hub of farming insight. Through the platform, she shares her day to day life with thousands of followers, all eager to keep up to date with what’s happening on the farm. Whether it be the adorable photos of cows or the picturesque countryside, the account is a celebration of all things rural!  


An Insight Into Farming

If there was a single drive behind Pastures Green, it is the love we feel for our British agricultural businesses. We use our Instagram page, @pasturesgreencommunications, to share and promote local stories of agricultural businesses excelling at their craft. Completely transparent, keep up to date with our latest news, positive client feedback and discover the unlimited possibilities of agricultural diversification through our page. 


Maintaining Relationships

Amy gives a face to the brand, maintaining relationships with her clients through social media. We pride ourselves on our transparency, integrity and reputation for friendly customer service, characteristics of the brand that shine through the Dairy Daughter and Pastures Green pages.  

Our Success

Our Director, Amy Eggleston, is no stranger to social media success. She manages two popular Instagram pages, The Dairy Daughter, where she reveals the inner workings of a dairy farm, and Pastures Green, dedicated to agricultural business tips. 

Discover the many successes of these accounts below: 

14,000 +
Followers On The Dairy Daughter
500 +
Likes Per Post On The Dairy Daughter
1,400 +
Followers On Pastures Green Communications
40 +
Likes Per Post On Pastures Green Communications

Dairy Daughter & Pastures Green

The Dairy Daughter and Pastures Green Instagram pages discuss all facets of British farming. From the inner workings of a dairy farm to how diversification can identify untapped revenue potential, if you own an agricultural business, join our hub of activity and information. 

Pastures Green combines Amy’s leading insight into the agricultural industry with her personal experience on a dairy farm, to supply comprehensive digital and diversification services.  

Having built The Dairy Daughter from the ground up, Amy understands the trials and tribulations of growing an agricultural brand – she supplies solutions to many of the common issues we in the industry face, through Pastures Green.  

Our Services

Discover the digital, branding and diversification strategies that will unleash your agricultural business’ true potential. Browse our services below then contact Pastures Green to find out more.

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