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Paid Media

As one of the most influential forms of advertisement, paid media capitalises on the success of external, existing platforms. Able to target specific users and search terms, this digital marketing strategy bypasses idle viewers to reach potential consumers directly.

At its core, a good marketing campaign is defined by the conversions it generates - paid marketing can not just increase your reach, but ensure the quality of each lead. When used in tandem with earned and owned media, paid media can open doors of opportunity for your brand.

Whether through a PPC campaign or a promoted post, on social media or search engines, our paid media specialists can connect potential consumers with your brand, who may have otherwise remained in the dark. 

What Are the Benefits of Paid Media?

Paid media uses your investment to only target profitable consumers.
Paid media expands your influence to consumers who would have otherwise been out of your reach.
Market Insight
Through analysis and reflection, paid media provides market insight into consumer behaviour.
Target Audience
Connect your brand with consumers based on their online identity and preferences.

How Pastures Green Can Help Your Campaign?

From gender to language, user preferences to location, paid media campaigns can directly target your audience. Combined with our audience mapping service, we at Pastures Green will identify, tailor then promote your brand to the most profitable consumers. Additional services, like videography and graphic design, can produce stylish, eye-catching content bespoke to your campaign. 

With Pastures Green, you can benefit from a dedicated paid media manager who has one main goal; to increase your brand's reach. As experts in social media marketing and search marketing, we can ensure that any investment you make in your rural business is followed by visible results. Enjoying both short and long term gain, our bespoke paid media strategy plans are fuelled by results-driven experience. 

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