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If you have excess land, it can be difficult to know how to utilise it. Solar panels may be a profitable opportunity to diversify your agricultural business. Whether you are interested in a Government scheme or want to invest in your future, diversifying into the energy sector is often a great option for your rural business.

At Pastures Green, we can help you choose which energy diversification would best suit your farm. From set up to maintenance, our dedicated team has the on-hand know-how to make the most out of your land. From one acre to 100 acres, we will take into account the agricultural impact, land suitability, and long-term gains of diversification.  

What Are the Benefits of Energy Diversification?

For a single investment, you can benefit from years of lower energy bills.
Solar farms mean fewer fossil fuels being burned, lowering our carbon footprint.
Turn excess land that would have otherwise gone unused into profits.
Solar farms are a great local energy source for the community.

Types of Energy Diversification

Entering the energy sector isn't as easy as installing solar photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, it requires a diligent understanding of the local wildlife. A plan devised by Pastures Green will ensure that your farm follows best practice guidelines, like avoiding natural conservation areas and feeding energy back into the local community.  

Make use of spare land and join the fight against climate change, with Pastures Green. Our energy service can reduce your bills and increase your financial assets, making the diversification opportunity both environmentally friendly and monetarily beneficial. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Energy Diversification

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