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Working specifically with the catering service industry, we at Pastures Green can devise, implement and monitor tailored strategy plans that expand your potential. Whether you already own a food and drink service or want to start one, we can provide expert business guidance to diversify your resources.

Food & Drink Opportunities

A hit at festivals, public events and industry exhibitions, many event caterers enjoy immense popularity. People love attending agricultural events, and those people will always need a bite to eat and a hot drink.

Rural caterers have also become a common feature at weddings, especially those of rustic themes. With the freedom to tailor your dishes, your gastronomical creativity will be the star attraction at any event. 

Which Events Can A Food & Drink Company Service?

Corporate events are an opportunity for high profit and even higher engagement.
Catering companies are a hit with hungry festival-goers, eager to try tasty food.
Industry events are an opportunity to establish your brand as a market leader.
A booming market, weddings are the ideal diversification opportunity for caterers.

Benefits Of Using A Food & Drink Company For Consumers

The main hook for most caterers is "homegrown goodness" - consumers are always looking for natural, organic products. This is where agricultural businesses thrive. Our expert catering consultants can identify your ideal audience and tailor your business' dishes accordingly, whether that be upmarket canapés or rustic rolls. 

By honing your brand's core purpose, customers will queue for acres to try your one of a kind food and drink. At Pastures Green, we ourselves have held professions on working dairy farms, meaning that you will benefit from experience-driven advice. Diversify your existing resources, expand your consumer reach and fill a gap in the events market, through our business growth services. 

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