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Livestock Products

From eggs to milk, wool to leather, livestock products are a staple of British catering, retail, and consumption. Whether you already own livestock or have the means to do so, we at Pastures Green are on hand to ignite your rural brand's potential. Your livestock farm is an untapped source of profits.

Excess resources, with the right diversification strategy, can be moulded to fit a gap in the agricultural market. With our extensive experience in livestock management, your rural business can benefit from our expert advice.

At Pastures Green, our team are not just PR specialists, but dairy farmers with a genuine passion for farming production. There is an art to livestock marketing and promotion, so work with brand-building professionals who fully understand the rural market. 

What Are the Benefits of Promoting Your Livestock Production?

Align your farming production with more sustainable practices through diversification.
Our PR service can protect your brand from potentially damaging press.
Strengthen the impact of your unique brand, message and livestock product.
Capitalise on excess resources that may have otherwise gone to waste.

Pastures Green & Livestock Products

The livestock industry remains one of the most historical and reputable on the market. Since cattle were first domesticated, farmers quickly became the foundation of society, upon which modern industries could grow. We understand the importance of the agricultural industry, so have dedicated our career to supporting animal husbandry through marketing, promotion and brand building. 

From the risk of Tuberculosis to the negative impact of climate change, our PR strategies can protect your farm's image from potential press damage. We will complete risk assessments before product launches and diversify your operation through more sustainable methods of production.

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