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By opening your farm to tourism opportunities, you are committing to its future. Rural holidays are becoming increasingly popular, with thousands of holidaymakers desperate to find the perfect BnB or even gain experience working on a farm. Ideal for stressed-out city-goers, the rustic setting and relaxed nature of farm life have created a market for agricultural tourism.

How Does Tourism Benefit Rural Businesses?

Increase Revenue
Tourism increases revenue by targeting an exciting market of consumers to open new sales avenues.
Work Alongside Your Farm
Many tourism opportunities, like campsites and activity days, work with your farm. You can have the best of both worlds!
Growing Industry
More inner-city customers than ever want to escape to the countryside - could your farm accommodate?
Inceases Longevity
By diversifying your agricultural business, you are ensuring its adaptability, resilience and longevity.

Diversify Your Farm

By giving people the opportunity to get back to nature, you can increase your income stream, through diversification. All it takes is a glamping tent for the evening and crops to pick in the day, and you have a diversification opportunity that won’t just run alongside your working farm, but benefit it. Though it seems too good to be true, the market for clients paying to experience the farming lifestyle is ever-expanding.

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