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A brand ambassador can organically increase your social media presence, as the trust that the influencer has generated with their audience will influence your brand’s integrity. If a renowned influencer backs your brand, then customers are more likely to view you as reliable and authentic. Brand endorsement can provide a face for your business, adding a humanistic side to your enterprise.  

As they post regularly, ambassadors are a source of content centring around your specific product or service. For an influencer to reach their heights, they need to produce high-quality content. As such, putting your brand’s image in the hands of a talented influencer will result in polished promotional material.  

Why Use a Brand Ambassador?

Allows you to organically increase your social media presence.
Customers view you and your business as reliable and authentic.
Human Approach
Provides a face for your business, adding a humanistic side to your enterprise.
High Quality
Provides polished promotional material from talented influencers.

Turning an Influencer Into an Ambassador

Influencers and ambassadors are two sides of the same coin: one runs a successful social media account, the other promotes your brand on their successful social media account. By capitalising on the existing community of potential customers an influencer has amassed, your business’s reach can increase.  

Our brand ambassador service will take the stress and confusion out of finding an influencer. Able to filter by location, we can reach an international stage or target UK social media influencers, dependent on your unique brand’s goals.

Our wealth of connections with influencers specific to the agricultural industry and beyond, allows us to produce influential ambassador campaigns that will result in visible engagements - we can track the number of social media impressions and clickthrough rate to your website generated by the ambassador.  

A brand ambassador program is all about building a partnership, as such, we will find the perfect influencer for your brand, someone who is popular and connected to your industry in equal measure. Followers can see straight through a brand ambassador who doesn’t care about the product they are promoting, which can reflect badly on the company they are promoting. We will ensure that only the most relevant ambassadors represent your rural business. 


Small Investment, Big Reward

Due to the nature of social media, engagement with brand ambassador’s posts can be tracked. From affiliate codes to tracked links, every time one of your prospective customers “swipes up” on Instagram, we will know. Impressions from sponsored posts can indicate which posts work and which ones don’t, as well as which influencers have the right customers for you, so future campaigns can be further tailored to your success.

Including gifted products and paid posts, investing in brand ambassadors can produce a profitable ROI. All it can take is sending the right product to the right person, and you can have a wave of new customers streaming into your business. 

By choosing our brand ambassador service, you are choosing to widen the scope of your business, increasing its authenticity and your profit margins.

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