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The PR tips and tricks we have on offer will guide you through every aspect, from press releases to consumer research.

At Pastures Green, our comprehensive service and professional insight will ensure the success of your agricultural business’ new service, product, or diversification strategy, through the power of PR and outreach. 

Why Is PR and Outreach Important?

Grow Your Customer Base
With PR, you can reach an entirely new market of potential customers, expanding to your existing target audience.
Educate Your Customers
Outreached content can showcase your expertise in the agricultural industry, to educate your customers.
Promote Your Business
Whether online or through print, PR can present your business in the best light possible, leading to increased revenue.
Optimise Your Online Presence
Online outreach can expand your website’s reach, through relevant, high-quality links and press releases in rural publications.

PR With Pastures Green

Open to both individuals with a passion for PR and large companies alike, our workshops will take you through every aspect of PR that we have on offer.

At Pastures Green, we believe that the future of PR lies in educating businesses on how to put their best foot forward, with the help of PR specialists like our dedicated team.

Though we are an agricultural PR company, our PR training can be used to help any company, from any industry, shine their business in the best light.

Our PR and Outreach Services

In the world of PR, several factors combine to ensure a successful, profitable campaign. From consumer research to metric analysis, discover our industry-leading PR services below.

Our PR Workshops

Some options we have on offer in our PR training workshops:

Writing Press Releases
Press and media releases are one of the best ways to share a new product or business update. Received by both online customers and journalists alike, our PR advice will cover every aspect of a successful press release.
Creating Online Content
From blog posts to website copywriting, we will show you how online content can have a real impact on your engagement. Highlight the best bits of your brand by posting eloquent written exerts and stylish photos.
Getting The Most Out Of Social Media
Social media has become a key tool for any PR campaign, so learn how to make the most out of your platform through our workshop, where we will show you the dos and don’ts of online image management.
Brand Ambassador Partnerships
Navigating the world of influencers can be daunting, so we have dedicated a workshop specifically for just that. From finding the right influencer for you to measuring the ROI of your campaign, we will take you through the process.
Conducting Consumer Research
Understanding your customer can directly influence the number of sales you make - if you know what your consumers want, then it is easier to target them directly. Our workshop will show you how to conduct consumer research.
Manage a Crisis
At its core, PR revolves around image management, both positive and negative. Businesses must be well versed in risk management, as well as know how to handle a crisis that puts their reputation in danger.
Diversifying Your Business
More and more agricultural businesses are diversifying their resources to keep up with the modern market, so we have devised a workshop based on our industry experience to teach you how to do just that.
Event Management
To ensure that product launches or company updates run smoothly, we have a workshop dedicated to the process of planning a PR campaign. From inviting the right people to devising a risk assessment, we have every aspect covered.
Award Submission
You should be rewarded for your business’s achievements, so Pastures Green have created a workshop that runs you through the process of handing in an awards submission, to give your brand the best chance of success.

As our company continues to expand, we will be updating our training with new and exciting PR workshop ideas. The landscape of PR is continuously evolving, so we are dedicated to growing with it - watch this space for more up to date PR workshops. 

Client Testimonials

Pastures Green has helped countless farms and other agricultural sites to promote their offerings through the power of PR and content outreach. Read some of our client testimonials to find out more.
  • Stephen Naylor
    Waverley Consultancy

    "There are few others who live and breath countryside, farming and communications so if you are trying to communicate on rural issues or to a rural community, Amy knows intrinsically what matters - there is no substitute for real life experience. I had complete confidence in the job she was doing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to engage her and Pastures Green."

  • The Mannerings Family
    Chilton Farmyard B&B

    "Amy has been a brilliant help when it has come to diversifying from farm to B&B. There is so much that we wouldn’t have known or could have missed without her which could have been disastrous for our business. She has been flexible and open minded and tailored our package perfectly to suit our business. It’s brilliant to have found a PR business."

  • Jenny Bennett
    Marchwood Farming

    "Amy is a natural communicator with the ability to adapt depending on the audience, which i think is rare to find in someone. She has helped me identify my key audience which before speaking to Amy I hadn't even considered! I have complete confidence in Amy and would recommend her without doubt to others."

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