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Crisis Management

A brand identity crisis is every business owner's worst nightmare, but with a crisis management plan in place, your brand can maintain its reputation.

Below are some of the steps we will take to ensure the best possible outcome for your rural business. 

Risk Assessment Plan
At Pastures Green, we understand that it can take a lifetime to build a positive reputation and a matter of seconds for it to be destroyed. We believe that prevention is the best method for avoiding a crisis, so when you put your trust in one of our services we will always include a risk assessment plan to highlight any potential negative press. Your brand will never be put in harm's way, instead, we will actively promote your company in the best light possible.
Damage Control
If the worst does happen, then we can help. Our dedicated team have years of experience rectifying reputation damage, so can guide you through the best type of action to take. We can create thoughtful statements suited to your unique crisis, that will apologise, explain or respond to your critics. The most important step to crisis management is listening, so we will monitor the response to the crisis and act accordingly.
Media Relations
It’s no secret that the press has a field day when a popular brand experiences a crisis, however, we have connections in place to counter-argue false news. If a news source publishes incorrect or slanderous content, we will contact them, discuss the issue and have the article removed or updated with the correct information. It is difficult to avoid negative press during a crisis, but we can ensure through our connections that the posts are factually correct and unbiased, at the very least.
Pushing Positive Content
Once we have done everything we can to rectify the conflict between you, the press and your customers, we can then help you move on from the experience. We will help you to produce positive content that will force anything crisis-related further down the search rankings or social media feed, following a suitable grace period. Any new customers will see your usual content, rather than news relating to the crisis.
Monitoring, Analysis & Assessment
As the storm clouds clear, we can complete data analysis of the damage the crisis caused and monitor the journey your brand takes getting back on track. Our expert team will monitor traffic, online perception, sales and press articles of the incident, to analyse how we can manage and improve your brand’s image. Observing the critic's voice is imperative to overcoming a crisis, and by monitoring the data we can do just that.
Advice & Guidance
Along the process, we will offer tips and tricks so you know what to do should any future crisis occur. Our team will keep you updated throughout the process, as we appreciate the sensitive nature of a brand identity crisis. At Pastures Green, we understand the stress, anxiety and fear a crisis of any size can cause, as such, we will handle your unique case with the respect it deserves, whilst keeping brand reputation management at the heart of everything we do.

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