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Customer Research

If you understand your customer, then you will understand how to close a sale. Our consumer research experts will tell you exactly who, what, where and why your customers aren’t responding as well as they should do, and what you can do to improve that. 

Agricultural market research needs to be completed with the farming industry in mind, from there we can formulate results based on demographics, intent and buying behaviour. Relying on the different types of market research, our team can produce a clearer insight into your unique customer market.

Types of Consumer Research

We utilise several types of consumer research strategies here at Pastures Green, to analyse audiences from different angles. This allows us to supply a comprehensive report – see our customer research services below. 

Trend Analysis
Social Media Engagement
Customer Evaluation
Focus Groups

Our Process

Asking the Right Questions

Thanks to our industry knowledge, we are equipped with questions that can be adapted to your personal business goals. From asking why your sales have dipped to questioning whether there is a wider audience your brand can be targeting, we will ask the questions that ensure increased sales. By conducting market research, we will have a better understanding of the answers you and your business need. 

Gathering Relevant Data

There is no point in generating general data, so we have devised a process that only targets potential customers. With the methods of purchasing a product or service being so varied in the 21st-century, we have adapted our systems to fit the changing times.

From online orders to mobile engagement, our dedicated team can produce a reliable reflection of your consumers, based on existing analytical insights. Insight-led data gives you a direct view of the trends in consumer behaviour, so you understand exactly how your target customers habits can influence your brand.


Who to Target?

Once we have gathered all of this information, we can start analysing the data. Positive customer experience is only possible if you know what the customer wants, allowing you to tailor your brand to their needs; we can find that information for you. We can tell you exactly who to target, and how you should target them, to secure significant ROI. Put your customer data in the hands of consumer experts, to strengthen your connection with buyers, past, present and future. 

Whether you are launching a new product or diversifying an existing service, having an understanding of your customers is crucial. Our consumer research is results-centric, human-orientated, insight-driven and always with your unique agricultural business in mind. 

Find out what we can do for you and your future customers with quantitive and qualitative research that reflects the constantly fluctuating consumer market. We will position you ahead of your competitors, by understanding your target audience better than anyone else, then tailoring your brand directly to them.

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