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Media Relations & Copywriting

PR is all about brand reputation, so our relationship with the media is an imperative aspect of building brand awareness. With years of experience, we can use our connections to your advantage, by positioning your brand or service in the public eye.

Additionally, our industry experts possess the eloquence, knowledge of SEO, and awareness of customer intent to position you ahead of your competitors.

How Can We Help With Your Media Relations?

Media Plans & Press Releases
At Pastures Green, we have years of experience formatting the most effective press releases. Essential for gaining media coverage of your product or service, hiring a media relations manager will ensure that only high-quality news releases are sent to agricultural publications nationwide.
Developing Media Relationship
With the use of our extensive networking connections, we want to develop long-term relationships between you and the right media outlets. Our team will identify the relevant journalists for your specific product or service, then submit in-depth media plans to sell your story to the media.
Media Monitoring
Our work doesn’t start and end with the press release, which is what sets us apart from other PR companies. We understand the importance of relevancy, so We understand the importance of relevancy, so our top priority is staying on top of trends and reacting to traffic analysis. With this information, we can tailor our next move to produce the best results.

Copywriting Services

SEO Friendly Content 

The race to rank at the top of Google’s search list is a treacherous one, but SEO can position you above your competitors. Keyword research, semantics and an understanding of your customers search intent can all result in your website ranking higher than your competitors. 

Producing Copy

Innovative, captivating and attention-grabbing content is a key PR strategy, due to its engagement with existing and future customers. As well as giving a personable voice to your business, well-written blog posts and product descriptions are an effective way to convert a reader into a customer.  

Writing advice 

We at Pastures Green want to set you and your business up for the future. Along our PR journey together, we want to share our tips, tricks and strategies to produce the best content possible, so you can take it with you on future business endeavours. We are passionate about leaving a lasting impression on your business.

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